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Take Care and Look After your Kidneys!

Kidneys are an important body organ and their primary role is to act as filters so that they can eliminate waste and toxic products from the body. Maintaining electrolyte balance, regulation of BP and ensuring that the red blood cells are produced regularly is also the function of kidney. However, kidney failure can occur to anyone at any time due to a myriad of reasons. When the waste products are not filtered out of your blood and rather sit there to create a build-up, it can lead to symptoms such as swelling, confusion, breathlessness and weakness. Also, kidney problem can affect heart health, wherein you start experience abnormal rhythms of heart. This happens due to accumulation of potassium in blood. While there can be various reasons for kidney failure, there are also good treatment options available through the top kidney doctor in Delhi.

Some of the reasons due to which kidney failure occurs, can be sorted and treated without much ado. Others may require you to go through a rigorous and proper treatment. It is quite unfortunate that kidney failure is an irrevocable thing and can also be progressive.

If you are facing kidney issues, it is quite possible that your doctor will suggest you to go through GFR or glomerular filtration rate, along with the blood tests to check your creatinine and BUN (blood urea nitrogen) levels. These tests are performed to check whether there is kidney failure or not.

Treating kidney through the top kidney doctor in Delhi can ensure prolonged life due to normal functioning. However, one may be required to ensure that the diabetes and blood pressure are kept under control throughout the life.

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