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Best Dialysis Centre in India For Dialysis Treatment

Kidney dialysis is a medical procedure in which some functions of the healthy kidneys are performed artificially because your kidneys are no longer able to perform them. This happens when your kidneys develop end stage renal kidney failure and their 85-90% functioning is completely stopped. In dialysis, the waste products and excess fluids from your blood are removed. This procedure also maintains acid-base balance in your body and regulates blood pressure.

Kidney failure is not a permanent condition every time. When there is acute kidney failure, the patient needs to get dialysis done only till the time his kidneys get better with treatment. On the other hand, in chronic kidney failure one has to get dialysis done throughout his life or till the time he gets a healthy kidney transplant. The kidneys don’t get better with the treatment and therefore one is left with the above two options.

People whose kidneys no longer perform normal functions should go to the best dialysis center in India for the procedure. There are mainly two types of dialysis performed on kidney patients:

  • Hemodialysis – Your blood is cleaned outside your kidney by making use of artificial kidney known as hemodialyzer.
  • Peritoneal dialysis – Your blood is cleaned inside your body by using catheter to access your body organs.

Best dialysis center in India has all the required equipment that are needed for the process. The technicians here ensure that the patient has to go through minimal discomfort so that he can get dialysis process done without any difficulty. Personalized care & attention is given to all the patients in order to ease out their tensions that they have in the beginning of dialysis. Dr Vikram Kalra is an expert in taking care of kidney failure patients and performs dialysis with utmost precision & concern. Contact him for all your queries related to dialysis.

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