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Treatment's Offered

Diabetes and Hypertension Related Kidney Disease

How Diabetes and Hypertension Can Contribute To Kidney Disease Kidneys play a crucial role in proper functioning of our body by filtering blood of the waste products and helping maintain the fluid balance. If even one of the kidneys is affected by some disease or infection, it can upset the balan

Glomerulonephritis Treatment-Surgery in Delhi India

The inflammation or damage of the part of kidneys involved in filtering waste and fluids can result in Glomerulonephritis.  Glomeruli are tiny filters in the kidneys which help filter the blood of any waste and impurities and this condition is associated with impairment of t

Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment in Delhi India

Nephrotic syndrome is a kidney related disorder which can be caused by a variety of kidney problems affecting the functioning of glomeruli, tiny blood vessels in the kidney which act as blood filters. This leads to improper functioning of kidneys leading to loss of large amount o

Urinary Tract Infection Treatment in Delhi

Our urinary tract plays an important role in the body by helping remove waste fluids in the form of urine. The urinary tract includes two kidneys, two ureters, bladder and urethra, all of which are essential to the process of filtering blood of waste products, storing excess fluids and excretion.

Dialysis-Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis

 Kidneys help filter blood of any impurities and hence play a crucial role in healthy functioning of an individual. Kidney diseases result in progressive loss of the kidney function at different stages of the condition. The disease affecting kidneys might be classified as ac

Kidney Failure Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease

The healthy functioning of kidneys could be affected due to a number of causes including diabetes, a condition associated with presence of high levels of blood sugar. This condition is known to slow down the kidney’s efficiency to filter blood of any waste materials produced in the body whi