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Worried about your ailing kidneys? Visit a kidney specialist now

Damaged kidneys can be a major source of worry for any individual. Let’s analyse some reasons how we can cause severe damage to our kidneys and what are the ramification of a damaged kidney.  Also, the blog will help you find the best kidney specialist in Delhi.

Causes of kidney damage:

  • If you consume certain pain killers/medication at high doses for a longer duration of time, it might have an adverse effect on your kidneys.
  • Smoking cigarettes are known to harm one’s lungs and heart, but studies also show that too much smoking can also increase the chances of kidney damage.
  • Eating and drinking lots of sugar as well as consuming high sodium food can also damage kidneys to a great extent.

Effects of kidney damage

  • Damaged kidneys allow waste products and fluid to build up in our body.
  • Causes swelling, nausea, weakness, and poor sleep,
  • Causes shortness of breath

A healthy kidney keeps balance of water and minerals in our body, remove waste from our blood after digestion and much more. Damaged kidneys can lead to acute kidney problems and can lead to kidney failure. So getting proper medication and supervision of a kidney specialist is a must.

There are numerous doctors for treating your ailing kidneys in Delhi NCR. One such prominent name is of Dr. Vikram Kalra, one of the best kidney specialist in delhi. Dr. Kalra is a leading Nephrologist and Kidney Transplant Physician in Delhi NCR with a vast experience of over 18 years.

He specializes in treating patients for Chronic Kidney Disease, Nephrotic Syndrome, Acute Kidney Injury, Renal Failure, Congenital Kidney Disease, and Auto-immune kidney diseases among others.

With more than 450 successful Kidney Transplants to his credit, Dr. Kalra is the most seek after and best kidney specialists in Delhi NCR.

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