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Can kidneys get damaged due to extreme stress and unhealthy lifestyle?

Kidneys are the vital organs for the proper functioning of our body, without which we cannot imagine our survival. Kidneys remove waste products from our body and helps in regulating blood pressure. Hormones produced by kidneys stimulate the production of red blood cells and controls calcium metabolism.

Looking at the vital role that kidneys perform for our body, it is pertinent that the organs require enough care to keep them going smooth. With the increase in lifestyle related diseases, the damages and ailments related to the kidneys have also increased.  To control kidney diseases and to keep them running smooth, it is important for you to have regular check-ups and tests under the supervision of best kidney specialist in Delhi.

Among the numerous causes of kidney damage, one important cause which we tend to ignore is stress. Yes, high level of stress for prolonged period as well as the uncontrolled reactions that are caused due to stress can have reparations on your health. Stress and unhealthy ways of living can lead to increased blood pressure and can cause faster heart rate. Moreover, it can also contribute to sugar and fat in your blood, which can lead to numerous lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, cardio-vascular diseases and more. All these lifestyle diseases and disorders in the long run lead to kidney damage and cause different kidney ailments.

By consulting the best kidney specialist  you can minimise the damages caused to kidneys with proper care and precaution. There are numerous good and reputed doctors or nephrologists in Delhi NCR who are specialist in severe kidney disorders.

One such best kidney specialist in delhi is Dr Vikram Kalra who is serving as a renowned nephrologist for years now. Currently, he holds the position of Additional Director- Nephrology & Kidney Transplant at Aakash Healthcare, New Delhi.

With vast experience in the field, he is regarded as one of the top kidney specialist in the country at present. You can take a prior appointment with Dr Kalra for any kidney related disorders.


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