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Kidney Disease Causes and Basic Information By Top Kidney Doctor

Kidney specialist doctor in DelhiEvery year, a huge number of people die due to kidney diseases worldwide. In majority of the cases, people come to know about these diseases very late making them life-threatening. They are silent intruders and don’t show any symptoms in the initial stages. Till the time people realise they have kidney diseases, it already progresses to an advanced stage that is fatal resulting in failing of both the kidneys. Then patients are left only with two options to survive: dialysis throughout their lives or kidney transplantation.

Kidneys perform very important functions in our body like removal of toxins, purification of blood, elimination of waste products through urine, regulate BP, blood volume and blood pH. When the normal functioning of kidneys is disrupted, waste and fluids start collecting in the body causing BP to rise, swelling and other warning signs can be noticed. In such situations, you should immediately go to the Top Kidney Doctor in Delhi because if delayed, the consequences can be severe.

There are mainly two types of kidney diseases: Acute & Chronic. Acute diseases cause sudden damage to the kidneys and show immediate symptoms whereas chronic diseases affect the kidneys very slowly and don’t even show any kind of symptoms in the beginning. One comes to know about chronic diseases when most of the damage is already done to the kidneys.

Various diseases like diabetes and heart problems if not treated at right time cause the dysfunction of the kidneys. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain good health of kidneys so that one can remain fit and healthy. Various kidney ailments treated by  Dr Vikram Kalra ,Top Kidney Doctor in Delhi are: hereditary disorders, congenital diseases, kidney stones, nephrotic syndrome, kidney cancer, analgesic nephropathy and lupus nephritis. Kidney diseases are curable if treated early and this would mean long and healthy life if proper medications and treatment is followed.

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