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Best Kidney specialist Provide Expert Care For Your Kidney Health

Best kidney specialist in DelhiHealthy kidneys are very important if you want to live a happy & cheerful life. Kidneys are vital organs that are responsible for many necessary functions in your body like filtering fluids & waste from blood, regulate chemicals & water in body, protect you against pollutants & drugs and produces hormones that further regulate you BP. When some damage is caused to your kidneys and they stop functioning normally, then chronic kidney disease occurs. In this medical condition, your both kidneys lose their ability to perform usual functions due to the harm caused to it. As a result kidney failure happens and the person is left with only two options to survive: Kidney dialysis or Kidney Transplantation.

Chronic kidney diseases occur mainly due to three reasons: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and urinary tract infections. Therefore, it is important to get your regular check-ups done from best kidney specialist in Delhi if you are suffering from the above problems to keep yourself on the safer side.

There are few symptoms that people suffering from CKD might experience:

  • Swelling in your feet & ankles
  • Tiredness
  • Urge to urinate frequently
  • Sleepless nights

Usually these symptoms are mild in the beginning but they become more severe with the passage of time. In such conditions, best kidney specialist in Delhi might come to your rescue and help you to get relief. He may suggest few precautions that you must take to control the condition:

  • Reduce your intake of potassium and sodium
  • Avoid phosphorus rich foods
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid alcohol consumption
  • Restriction of dietary protein
  • Treat medical conditions like diabetes and BP

People suffering from chronic kidney diseases should look no further and just come to the best kidney specialist in Delhi – Dr. Vikram Kalra for the treatment of your condition at most reasonable cost.

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