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The Life-Saving Vascular Access

When a person’s kidneys fail, the kidneys are not able to filter out blood from the waste materials. Due to this the electrolyte levels such as phosphorous and potassium become very high. This is very dangerous for the human body. Therefore, when the kidneys stop working properly after a certain threshold level a dialysis is required. A dialysis is a procedure which substitutes the functions of a failed kidney. It helps in filtering out the blood without the proper functioning kidneys as well. There are many vascular access surgeon in Delhi who help in the dialysis of the kidneys.

There are two types of kidney dialysis- peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis. In peritoneal dialysis, a fluid called dialysate is placed inside the abdominal cavity of the patient which helps in filtering out blood from the waste materials. While in hemodialysis, a machine and a filter are used to filter out blood. It is only because of vascular access that the life-saving hemodialysis is possible. The access is actually a surgically created vein which is used to remove and then return blood during the hemodialysis. The blood first goes through a needle and then travels through a tube directly into the dialyzer. In the dialyzer the blood gets filtered by thin fibres and the wastes are then removed. The filtered blood is then returned into the body of the patient using a different tube. A vascular access helps in filtering large quantity of blood at a time during the process of hemodialysis.

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