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Kidney Transplant-The Ultimate Solution Of All Kidney Problems!

The function of the kidneys is to maintain the normal fluid and electrolyte balance in our bodies. Therefore, they are an extremely vital organ of the human body. The study of the kidneys and related diseases is covered under the speciality of internal medicine known as nephrology which deals with the pediatric study of kidney diseases, including their treatment, progression, development and prevention. A physician who studies and deals with nephrology is known as a nephrologist.

Upon failure of one’s kidneys to work, an urgent need to replace the failed kidneys with healthy and working ones arises, for which dialysis and kidney transplant are the two available treatment options. Of these two, a kidney transplant is considered to be better as it is known to offer a better quality of life and more freedom dialysis. For a successful and trouble-free kidney transplant, you must look for the kidney transplant doctor.

Kidney transplant – The process

Contrary to what the term ‘kidney transplant’ suggests, most often, it does not include the removal of one’s own kidneys. Unless the nephrologist sees a medical reason for their removal, they are left by the surgeon where they are. The donated kidney(s) is/are placed into the lower abdomen (belly), where it is easiest to connect it/them to the important blood vessels and bladder. Such a placement of the new kidneys in the abdomen makes it easier to take care of any problems that might come up.

Visit an expert kidney specialist

Only the best kidney transplant doctor ought to be consulted when suffering from any sort of kidney disorder or disease. Dr. Vikram Kalra is known as the most experienced kidney transplant doctor in delhi who is well-versed with various procedures that include kidney transplant in high-risk patients (including ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplant).

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