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Kidney Transplant -The Panacea For Failed Kidneys!

After suffering from prolonged kidney diseases, many patients likely suffer from kidney failure. As soon as a patient’s kidneys stop functioning, there arises an imminent need to replace the failed kidneys with healthy and working ones. In such a scenario, undergoing a kidney transplant is considered to be the best option by many (although the option of undergoing dialysis is also available).

How is the transplantation of the kidneys performed?

Basically, a kidney transplant treatment involves placing a healthy kidney inside the patient’s body to do the work their own kidneys can no longer do. Since it is a very complicated procedure, therefore, one must always seek the kidney transplant specialist.

Contrary to what the name might seem to suggest, kidney transplant surgery does not include the removal of one’s own kidneys. In fact, unless the surgeon sees a medical reason to remove the failed kidneys, he leaves them where they are. The donated kidney(s) is/are placed into the lower abdomen (belly), where it is easiest to connect it/them to the important blood vessels and bladder. Putting the new kidney in the abdomen also makes it easier to take care of any problems that might come up.

See the most renowned Nephrologist

A kidney transplant requires a skilled surgeon and for anyone suffering from any sort of kidney disorder or disease, consulting the best kidney transplant specialist in Delhi is the soundest piece of advice. Dr. Vikram Kalra is a well-known name and perhaps the best kidney transplant specialist in Delhi. Well versed with various procedures that include kidney transplant in high-risk patients (including ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplant), Dr. Kalra has had an immaculate track record of successfully performing a number of kidney transplant operations in the past.

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